Fan Art!


Art that I have done.

WHALE FLASH COMIC 1 (around 2.5 mb - sorry for the FileSize... please don't let it scare you.)

WHALE FLASH COMIC 2 (Around 800k)

Art done by Fans of Whale!

By Alan Hauser
By Maou

The First Ever Whale!

Flash Animation!

By Jerome
By Jin
By Brandon Regalado
By Typhon
By Mike

By Mathew McCurley

and Charles Gugino

By Alan Hauser
By Alan Hauser
By Alan Hauser
By Jeff Greco
By Tyler McKay
By Vae
By Loutz D
By Myrth!
By Typhon


Wanna send me some Fan Art? Email me it and I'll be glad to put it up.





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