He's just a whale. He's blue, he's a little braindead, and VERY imaginative. You WILL grow to love him.


JJ is Whale's best friend and only ally. JJ is more resonable than Whale, but just as crazy. He is a jellyfish BTW.


Gramps is a senile ol' coot. Nobody likes him. I sure as hell don't. He also eats Taters. Mmmmm....


Random Fish-

These fish appear in various places, and have various names. Don't ask me why there aren't any staple fishy characters yet, but there will be.

The Whale King-

He is the supreme ruler of the Sea Dome. He rules with an iron flipper. Yes, I know, shoot me. He's just the king, so get over it.

There will always be more characters added to the comic so stay tuned!


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